what snack food was legally barred from calling its product “chips”? (Pringles chips in the United States)

What snack food was legally barred from calling its product “chips”? Many people love snacks because they’re tasty, but have you ever wondered which snack food was actually legally barred from calling itself “chips”? Many experts have tackled this question, but not everyone is privy to their answers. It’s important to know about the snacks you love most, and for many people, chips are at the top of their list. In this post, you will find out the answer to that question.

Chips are one of the most liked snacks among people worldwide. They’re the most flooded and used product in the food industry. Maybe the reason for such wide popularity is the taste and ingredients. From infants to elderly, everyone likes to eat chips fondly. Now, here comes the most searched and hyped question in the food industry.

Pringles chips in the United States


For a long time, Pringles were commonly considered as chips in the United States. However, this notion was challenged by some major snack producers, as Pringles are not made in the same way as traditional chips. The key difference lies in their ingredients – while potato is used in Pringles, it is not the only ingredient. This sparked some disputed arguments, with some people claiming that since potato is used in Pringles, they can be termed as “potato chips”.

As Proctor & Gramble soon pointed out, “Pringles are not made solely of potato and flour – they contain other ingredients in proportion, and the potato component is only 40%. Therefore, it is illogical to call them potato chips.” Potatoes are the key element of chips, and a snack to be called a chip needs to be made of whole, thickly sliced potatoes. Some flour can be added, but Pringles do not meet these qualifications.

Type of snack food made from potatoes


Pringles are a type of snack food made from potatoes. They are usually sold in a tube or can and are popular as a party food or as a snack to eat while watching television. Pringles have been legally barred from calling their product “chips” in some countries, as they do not meet the requirements for what a potato chip must be made from.

The Pringles have been legally barred from calling their product chips because the Pringles are not made up by slicing the full potato into the thin potato. Most of the companies producing chips strongly refused to recognize this product as a chip and considered it as the wrong brand name for that product. It is how the Pringles get legally barred from product chips.

Pringles originally had a different name

Did you know that Pringles were once legally barred from calling their product “chips”? It’s true! Pringles originally had a different name, but they were forced to change it due to a legal issue. So, next time you’re snacking’ on some Pringles, remember that they could have been called something else entirely!

This snack was first called “Newfangled potato chips” but it didn’t fit into the potato chips category and was rejected many times for that name. It eventually changed its name to what it is now.

Made up of mostly half % potatoes



Although they may look like they’re made up of mostly potato, Pringles actually only contain 42% potato. The ingredients in regular potato chips are just that – potatoes. On the other hand, when you look at the ingredients in Pringles, you’ll find that wheat, corn flour, rice, and other items are used instead of potatoes. As a result, Pringles take less time to fry – only 15 minutes as opposed to the usual potato chips.

Important as the taste as will shape made it intact and delicious

When it comes to snack time, the structure of your food is just as important as the taste. Scientists work hard to create a Pringles shape that will keep the snack intact and delicious until it reaches your home. The saddle-shaped Pringles are formed to stay in the container, making sure you enjoy every last bite.

The material the product is packed in is just as important as the product’s shape. Cylindrical cans are invented to keep snacks fresh and customers will love them only if they are fresh. The flavor of the product is great since it contains many ingredients.

By taking the time to consider the details mentioned earlier, you can now answer questions from others about what snack food was legally barred from calling its product “chips.” Be clear that Pringles are not considered chips.

Pringles design has undergone a lot of changes over time


The Pringles logo has undergone a lot of changes over time, but the initial design remains the same: a round head with a big mustache. However, various experiments have been conducted on the face of the mascot. The eyes’ colors have changed from red to black, and a lot of changes have been made to the hairstyle. The Pringles mascot only shows her face; her body was never revealed.

Final Thought

We hope this article was helpful and informative! Now you know why Pringles can’t be considered chips – so the next time someone asks you about it, you can share what you learned with them. Thanks for reading!

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