How to find old homicide cases (homicide case)

How to find old homicide cases? If you’re interested in learning more about homicide cases from the past, this guide is for you. We’ll show you where to look for information and how to access it. So whether you’re a researcher or just curious, keep reading.

What is a homicide case?

A homicide case is a legal term used to describe the killing of another person. Homicides can be classified as either legal or criminal, depending on the circumstances surrounding the death.

What are the different types of homicide cases?

different-types-of-homicide cases

There are several different types of homicide cases, including murder, manslaughter, and justifiable homicide.

homicide cases are classified as either murder or manslaughter. Murder is further divided into first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree murder, while manslaughter can be voluntary or involuntary.

Although it may be difficult to find old homicide cases, there are a few ways you can look online that may help you locate your loved ones or friends. You can:

-Try Googling the term ‘old homicide cases.

-Checking the website of the state in which the case was tried.

-Looking through online databases of court records.

– contacting a local law enforcement agency in the area where the crime occurred.

Homicide cases by starting with the basics

You can find a lot of information on homicide cases by starting with the basics. The victim’s name, the year the crime was committed, and the location are all key factors in your search. The Murder Accountability Project is a great website that provides data on murder cases from as far back as 1985. The website is free to use and can be a helpful tool in your research.


Checking old newspaper articles is a great way to get more information about a homicide case once you have the basics like the individual’s name, the year they were murdered, and location. There are many ways to access old newspaper articles, thanks to the internet.

You can find websites that offer online newspapers, like Chronicling America: Historic Newspapers, Google Newspaper Archive, and more. These sites provide information dating back many years, and are free to use. Another relevant place to find information is your local library. People can find more information about the case by doing a quick YouTube search or by visiting popular news websites like CNN, NBC News, and ABC News.

Contacting your local police department

You can also try contacting your local police department or the district attorney’s office. They might be able to help you with your homicide case and provide you with some useful information.

If you’re looking for any unsolved homicides in your area

A great place to start is by asking your friends and family if they know of any. By having a conversation with people who were close to the individual, you may be able to gather some information that could be helpful in your investigation.

Persons to access public records from government agencies

The Freedom of Information Act was passed in 1967, which allows persons to access public records from government agencies. However, there are different means and methods for persons to search through and obtain this information.

A great way to access public information is by searching through public records. This could include court records, statical data, bankruptcy records, etc. Keep in mind that some data may be restricted or exempt from being public. However, if the data you’re searching for is not restricted, you should be able to find all the information you need. You can learn more about the process of the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) by reading more about it here.

Investigating a homicide case can be very delicate and difficult


Law officials have to be very careful when securing the homicide scene and investigating what happened. They do this by examining the case carefully, looking for fingerprints, and talking to people who may have seen something.

Law enforcement requires critical information in order to do their job properly, such as what happened, whether the victim is still at the scene, if first responders are still present, etc. This is why investigators are so important because they have to solve the homicide by searching for and collecting all necessary evidence.

Homicide cases go unsolved

There are several reasons why some homicide cases go unsolved. One reason is that there may not be enough evidence. Another reason is that witnesses to the crime may not have come forward with information that could be helpful to detectives. In some cases, it may also depend on the cooperation of witnesses.

Role of forensic evidence in homicide investigations

The role of forensic evidence in homicide investigations cannot be understated. The use of forensic science to solve a homicide is crucial in many cases. On a crime scene, the scientist can collect DNA samples which can be used to identify the perpetrator. It all depends on the state of the homicide victim. For example, if the body is decomposed, scientists can collect dental evidence from the corpse. Scientists can also collect evidence from the victims’ hair, nails, soil, weapon, glass, etc. This evidence can be used to build a case against the perpetrator and secure a conviction.

Forensic evidence is critical in homicide cases as it can be the deciding factor in proving someone’s guilt or innocence. Without proper forensics, it would be difficult to build a solid case against the accused.

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