Anything but a cup party (Do it to em that is but a cup party)

“Anything but a cup party” This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information. It’s Friday night and you’re hanging out in your college dorm room or house when you get an invite to an anything had to do it to em that is but a cup party. At first, you might be thinking what the heck is an anything but a cup party? Well, it’s actually a pretty funny and absurd trend that’s going on right now. But, it’s also the perfect opportunity to show off your creative side and to have some drinks with your best friends.

An anything but a cup party is a party where people have to drink out of something other than a regular cup. This could be a make-shift cup, or any other kind of container that can hold liquid.

Still need some ideas for your anything but a cup party?


Here are some of our top picks to make your night a success.

– Get a mason jar and fill it with candy. Put a little note on it that says “For when you’re feeling down.”

– Get a picture frame and put a picture of your friend in it. On the back, write a sweet message like “I’m so glad we’re friends!”

– Get a blank notebook and decorate it however you want. On the first page, write “A place for all my thoughts.”

– Get a plant and put it in a nice pot. On the pot, write “To help you grow.”

Here are some great ideas for anything but a cup party!


Sometimes, anything but a cup parties follow a theme. You can also dress up in a costume that matches your cup idea if it makes sense to do so. But very often, these are regular parties without a dress code; you just can’t use regular drinkware! So, if you’re looking for some of the best anything but a cup idea, you’re in luck because this article has loads of them!

Want to make your party a success with some hilarious anything but a cup idea? Here are some of our top picks:

A traffic cone is the perfect addition to any college party. Snag one on the way home from the bar and you’ll have everyone talking. I swear, I’ve seen so many traffic cones in college houses and it’s always a hilarious sight. If you have one laying around, try using it as a cup!

A traffic cone is the perfect addition to any college party

These orange plastic beauties are alluring and will surely be snatched up by party-goers on their way home from the bar. I swear, I’ve seen too many traffic cones in college houses at this point. And, if you have a traffic cone laying around, it’s also a hilarious anything but a cup idea you can try.

A vase is a great option for an anything but a cup party

You can find cheap vases at your local Walmart or dollar store. This is also an opportunity to get some absurd vases or weird shapes to drink out of.

Great Downpours are perfect for an anything but a cup party!

This product is awesome because you can pump and pressurize your alcohol, letting you shoot jets of booze into the mass of a party. Okay, that’s a surefire way to create a mess, but you can also use it to blast alcohol into people’s mouths or just your own.

A mixer can come in handy for more than just making smoothies

If you have one at home, put it to good use by making drinks like margaritas or pina coladas. And if you’re planning on making drinks for a group, don’t forget to bring some ice and extra ingredients so you can make more than one round. After all, who doesn’t love a good margarita?

A spray bottle is a great and easy way to share your drinks with others

You can also find spray bottles that let you mist your alcoholic beverage or shoot a stream of it, which makes this a very cheap idea as well.

The uniquely shaped shell

If the party you’re attending has a beach or Hawaii theme, consider bring a conch shell as your drinkware. You can find plastic ones at most dollar stores, or real ones at home decor stores. The uniquely shaped shell will make for a great conversation starter, and it’s perfectly themed for the occasion.

New and innovative ways to drink your favorite beverages


If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for new and innovative ways to drink your favorite beverages. If you’re tired of drinking out of boring old cups, then try one of these unique and interesting alternatives! Frying Pans, Pots: Skillets.

A commode needle may not seem like the most attractive drinking vessel

It can be a funny conversation starter at an anything but a cup party. Of course, you can buy a new one from the store. But it’s funny because at first glance, drinking from a plunger looks Absolutely revolting.

You can always bring a coconut to drink out of for your anything but a cup party

For those who might think this is cheating, you can always bring a coconut to drink out of for your anything but a cup party. Coconuts are usually very cheap at the grocery store, and you can drill or crack one open so you can pour more liquid into it after you drain it of coconut water. Like the conch shell, this idea is also perfect for any tropical-themed anything but a cup party.

The tea kettle is a great alternative to regular drinkware


It’s perfect for making tea! Bonus points if you make fun of the Brits and bring along some biscuits and snacks!

A beer hat is a perfect party idea for those who want to keep things simple

A beer hat is a great party idea because it’s simple and you can use it for other events throughout the year.

A condiments bottle can be a quick and cheap way to serve drinks at a party

This is also funny because it looks like you’re squirting mustard or ketchup into your mouth (use a red drink for even more laughs.)

One of the best “anything but a cup” ideas I saw was a hollowed-out plastic lawn flamingo

But you can get insanely creative here and use things like bird baths, garden gnomes, or any sort of lawn ornament you can think of! This is a fun way to personalize your party and give your guests a unique party favor that they’ll be sure to remember long after the event is over.

If you’re looking for an unusual but fun gift idea

You can be really creative with this idea and use any sort of lawn ornament you can think of, like bird baths, garden gnomes, or even a plastic lawn flamingo!

A dog or cat bowl can make for a great addition to your anything but a cup party

This party cheat is totally allowed since it’s not drinkware for humans. So, don’t let anyone give you a hard time about it!

If you’re on the hunt for some more great ideas for an anything but a cup party, look no further!

Here are a few more excellent options to get you started:

-Consider having guests make their own cups out of paper or clay ahead of time. This way, they can get creative and design their own unique cup to use at the party.

-Another option is to have guests use an empty container of their choice (e.g. a clean soup can, an old mason jar, etc.) as their “cup” for the duration of the party.

-If you want to add a bit of friendly competition to the mix, you can have guests race to see who can drink from their cup the fastest without spillage. The winner gets a prize!

Some common household items that can be used as gas canisters include:


-A can of beans

-Watering can


-A garbage bag


-Coffee pot

-Fruit (like a cut open watermelon or pineapple)

-A boot or shoe

-A Halloween skull or decoration

-A prosthetic leg (this one is super niche but hilarious)

-A Mr. Potato Head or some other toy

-A water backpack

-A viking drinking horn

Anything But A Cup Party – Final Thoughts

A No Cups Allowed party is a great way to make a house party interesting without making it complicated. By being bold and creative with your ideas, you can really have a lot of fun with this type of party. And, as always, drink responsibly!

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