How to leave a review on etsy? (Etsy feedback system)

“Why can’t I leave a review on Etsy?” “How to leave a review on etsy?” “How to leave a review on Etsy without words“… If you’re having trouble with the Etsy feedback system (especially as a beginner), this guide is for you.

You can write a review on the seller’s page within 100 days of the estimated shipping date if you want to leave feedback on Etsy. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to leave a review on Etsy:

  1. Find the item you purchased in your purchase history
  2. Click on “Leave a review” next to the item
  3. Rate your experience and write your review
  4. Click “Submit”

Before writing a review on Etsy, be sure to familiarize yourself with their guidelines


This will ensure that your review meets their standards and doesn’t get removed. Additionally, take some time to read over other reviews to get a feel for the style and tone that is generally well-received by the community. And finally, don’t forget to proofread your review before posting it!

Integrity of our review system very seriously

At Etsy, we take the integrity of our review system very seriously. In order to ensure that all reviews are genuine and accurate, we only allow verified customers to write reviews on our platform. This helps to protect both buyers and sellers from false or misleading reviews, and ensures that everyone can make informed decisions when shopping on Etsy.

If you’re a guest on Etsy without an account or a buyer without a purchase, you won’t be able to write a review. Meanwhile, there’s no way to leave a review privately — the buyer’s Etsy account and name will show up in the public reviews.


If you have issues with an order that you placed as a guest, you can sign in to Etsy and claim the order to your current or new Etsy account. Once it’s verified, you will be able to write a review.

Etsy reviews come in three different forms:

Text Review:

Buyers are given the opportunity to leave a brief text review along with their star rating. This is a chance for the buyer to elaborate on their experience with the product, shipping, and customer service.

Video Review:

Buyers can also leave a video review of the product they purchased. This is a great way to really show off the product and give potential buyers an in-depth look at what they can expect if they make a purchase.

Concise words:

Keep your words concise and to the point when describing the item and/or service you received. If you’re writing a review on, there is a five-word minimum, but if you’re using the Etsy app, there is no word minimum.

Picture review:


Etsy only allows pictures on a 5-star review,

but the seller gets to decide if they want it displayed.

This way, the seller doesn’t have to go through the hassle

of petitioning Etsy to have it removed.

Star Rating:

Buyers can leave a review of 5 stars or fewer. In addition,

buyers using the Etsy app for iOS are also able to provide

a star rating for Item Quality, Shipping, and Seller Customer


Review on Etsy

If you’re writing a review on Etsy, keep in mind that you only have 100 days from the product’s estimated delivery date to do so. Once that time has passed, your review will be locked in and you won’t be able to edit or delete it.

If an order has an open case, the customer is unable to leave a review. If the shop seller responds to a review, it will be locked in and cannot be edited.

How to Write an Etsy Review in 4 Steps as an Etsy seller

it’s important to get positive feedback from your buyers. Not only does it make potential customers more likely to purchase from you, but it also helps your store’s search ranking on Etsy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write a review on Etsy:


1: Log in to your Etsy account and go to Your Account > Shop Manager. Step

2: Click the Orders tab and find the order you’d like to leave a review for. Step

3: Click Leave a Review next to the order. If you don’t see this option, the buyer has either left a review for you already or they have chosen not to leave one. Step

4: Write your review! Be sure to include whether you’d recommend the item and why. You can also upload a photo of the product if you’d like. When you’re finished, click Submit.

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If you’re wondering how to write a review on Etsy, you’re in the right place! Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about writing reviews on Etsy:

– What should I include in my review? When writing a review on Etsy, be sure to include information about the item you purchased, what you thought of it, and whether or not you would recommend it to others.

– How long should my review be? There’s no set length for reviews on Etsy, but we recommend keeping your review concise and to the point.

– Can I change or delete my review after I submit it? Yes, you can edit or delete your review at any time after you submit it. Just click the “Edit” or “Delete” button next to your review on the listing page.